Buying the Perfect Lake Tahoe Property

What’s the Right Lake Tahoe Home For You? Before deciding which house to buy, think about your lifestyle, your current and anticipated wants and needs, and your budget. It may be helpful to make a list of features you want in your Lake Tahoe home. Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle, ie. If you love to be outdoors, you’ll want a property with good proximity to open space, recreation opportunities or the beach. If you’re more into reading a book by a warm fire, you’ll want a property with a fireplace or woodstove. If you’ve got to be on the first chair up the hill on a powder day, you may want to consider a resort condo. Once you have some criteria in mind use this as a check list to assist with your search.

It’s important to think about your home’s location just as carefully as you do about a house’s features. Although location is a huge part of any home purchase, a vacation home’s setting may be more about what its not close to than what it is. Sometimes it may be worth going the extra mile to get the peace and serenity that comes with seclusion, however, convenient access may also be important given limited free time for vacations.

Perhaps the most important decision is deciding on the type of home you want. Do you want a condominium, town house or a detached single-family home? Do you prefer a new home or an older one? Is the finish of the interior of the home a deal-breaker, or are you willing to put some work into the home to make it perfect? Often times, buyers looking for a vacation home would consider something a little less typical such as an “a-frame” cabin or something with a loft or more open floorplan.

While more buyers now use the Internet to gain access to listings, or available properties for sale, it is still a good idea to communicate with us as your agent on a regular basis. We can offer valuable insight, analyze data, answer questions, share our professional expertise, and handle all the paperwork and legwork that is involved in the real estate transaction. We are experts in helping our clients narrow down the many choices involved in all real estate decisions.